By: Nick Thomas

The weather is finally changing. With the cooler temperatures, comes more time inside on the couch and holiday baking and cooking but separation from normal holiday events, which means we have to stay even more focused on our nutritional habits because these things tend to make us less active and more snack prone.

A big part of staying on track is simply being disciplined in day-to-day life so that when it comes time for those rare moments when we get to step out and dress up in today’s world, you can enjoy a few of those indulgences the season brings without guilt or fear of it destroying your hard work. Now is the perfect time to really focus on your favorite way to stay active and make sure you stick to it at least 3 to 4 days a week. Have a friend you check in with daily to hold you accountable for exercising and maybe even for some basic aspects of daily nutrition.

One of the simplest most disciplined choices you can make when it comes to nutrition is this — if you don’t have it in your house you can’t eat it! Save the treats for when you are out. For example, don’t make baking the holiday goodies your pastime…make it, have a bite or two, and then give it away to your favorite people. This limits the temptation and keeps your nibbling to a minimum. Also, make your grocery list at home with a good healthy menu for the week; and then when you get to the store, stick to your list. Don’t give in to the seasonal specials that you will inevitably see on every end cap at the store. Even better, use grocery pick-up or delivery. This keeps your exposure low with absolutely no temptations in the store!

If you do get to go to any gatherings, stick to small portions of only your most favorite items! Maybe even eat a small, healthy and well-balanced meal prior to going so that you are not as hungry, therefore lessening the temptation to over indulge. When choosing from the amazing food spreads you will be faced with at gatherings, remember the best choice is always the ones where you can clearly distinguish the ingredients. Casseroles and things covered in heavy sauces pack a huge punch you don’t really want, while all-natural whole foods will fill you up and tend to be less detrimental to your body.

The last major tip I have for you is to drink at least 84 ounces of water every day. Staying well hydrated each day is another way to battle the cravings and temptations. And finally, choose your beverage wisely at the party. Steer clear of the alcohol and sugary drinks, at least in excessive amounts. Choosing water keeps you not only feeling good, but also helps the body better process the treats you are consuming. Enjoy the season and all the fun, but as the old saying goes, “Do everything in moderation,” even at home. Don’t let the changes of the year destroy your goals and hard work!

For more information regarding a personalized general or sports nutrition plan contact me at Prime Performance 423-805-0870.
By: Nick Thomas
owner of Prime Performance Training, and Certified Sports Nutritionist

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