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Meet The Trainer - Nick Thomas

Owner Nick Thomas is a master certified personal trainer and general/sports nutritionist with over 20 years experience. Helping people better their lives is his passion. We work with you to help meet your personal goals no matter age or current fitness level, everyone from teenage athletes to 80 years young. Our goal is to transform your lifestyle so we create lasing change.

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Before & After

Personal Training Program

I am sure everyone has wondered can I really change and become that fit person in my imagination? The answer is yes! Take a minute to watch this slide show featuring some of our members after they worked on the “personal training program” designed by Nick!!

Nick Thomas

Master Certified Personal Trainer, Certified General & Sports Nutritionist

Nick On Nutrition - Athens Now

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Take Real Action

Take Real Action

By: Nick Thomas Social media is currently flooded with 2020 goals, resolutions, focus words, and so much more hype. Every...
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Mindset Is Everything

Mindset Is Everything

By: Nick Thomas We tend to focus on things such as the number on the scale, what size our clothes...
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Good Sugar vs. Bad Sugar – How To Make The Right Choice

Good Sugar vs. Bad Sugar – How To Make The Right Choice

By: Nick Thomas The new year has now officially set in and it’s time to make those resolutions really work....
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Stay Focused

Stay Focused

By: Nick Thomas If you want to surpass the masses and achieve your big dreams, it takes discipline and focus...
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All About Our Style

Achieving your goals is my passion

If you are serious about improving your total health and level of fitness, no matter what shape you are in (or not), then allow Nick Thomas of Prime Performance Training to help you get to your goals, great or small.

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