How Nutrition Can Boost Lung Health

By: Nick Thomas

There is a lot of uncertainty in our society right now, and no one seems to have a clear understanding of how to combat the new medical threats we face. This leaves us with a choice as to how we will take what we do know and new information as it becomes available in order to handle our personal health in a way to best combat the threat. We can clearly see that the lungs and respiratory system are the main parts effected by the Covid-19 virus. This leads me to focus on some of the best ways to naturally boost this area of the body.

There are several all-natural whole foods and herbs which can help with good overall lung health. Some of the most common are green leafy vegetables. Greens naturally help rid the body, including the lungs, of harmful toxins. Cruciferous vegetables are even known to reduce the risk of lung cancer for nonsmokers. Another group of foods which has a cleansing effect on the lungs are those containing omega-3 fatty acids. Eating salmon, seeds, nuts, and eggs, which fall in this category, can also help reduce inflammation and infectious respiratory diseases, a potential huge bonus considering the current coronavirus pandemic.

There are quite a few of us who enjoy using garlic, ginger, and even turmeric in our cooking because of the wonderful flavors they provide, but they each have several medicinal benefits. Garlic contains a compound called allicin which acts as a powerful natural antibiotic in the body and can help kill respiratory infections. It has even been shown to potentially reverse lung damage. Ginger is naturally cleansing and has been shown to boost the immune system due to anti-inflammatory properties which help speed up recovery by reducing the amount of mucus clogging the bronchial tubes. Turmeric echoes the same benefits as ginger, and both are excellent to add to a cup of hot tea, which leads me to mention that green tea has some powerful benefits. Green tea is filled with powerful antioxidants which not only protect against infections but also aid in cardiovascular health and cancer prevention.

A reminder which cannot be said enough is to drink lots of water. Water cannot be matched when it comes to hydration and wellness for our bodies. Drinking enough water keeps fatigue, irritability, joint pain, and so much more under control. When the body is dehydrated it affects the lungs’ functionality. Drinking enough water helps to regulate inflammation in your lungs and prevents certain bronchopulmonary disorders. Having proper distribution of water in the body is essential for lung health because it regulates the distribution of minerals and salts.

Finally, you can do a few simple things which will strengthen your lungs. Exercising will not only strengthen your lungs due to improved blood circulation, it will also strengthen the heart and lower cholesterol levels. Maintaining a regular exercise schedule will boost your immune system, and there is a huge bonus if you get in your workout outside so you can soak in some vitamin D.

We are living in uncertainty; but by washing our hands, making the best nutrition choices possible, and staying active, I pray we will remain healthy and this pandemic will pass soon.

By: Nick Thomas
Owner of Prime Performance Training, and Certified Sports Nutritionist

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